Fulcrum Digital

Fulcrum Digital is a group of projects which explore the theme of this year’s SEA ArtsFest: Fulcrum. A fulcrum is the focal point of a moment of change, of reinvention, and now is just such a moment for Southeast Asia, which is experiencing rapid and unprecedented social, political and economic change.

A fulcrum is also, more technically, the point on which a lever rests. A lever allows us to operate machinery – it is a means to be in one place and effect a change on something somewhere else. Hence we arrive at Fulcrum Digital. In an increasingly digitised world, it’s becoming easier and easier to press a button in Thailand and see the effect in the UK.

Fulcrum Digital explores this interconnection through digital exhibitions and crowdsourced repositories of memories. Take a look at our featured galleries, one from each Southeast Asian country, or check out the Art of Disobedience, a digital exhibition curated by the Monsoons Book Club. Follow our Cambodian Artist’s Residency or track the progress of our mobile art laboratory housed in a Silver Shadow Rolls Royce. Alternatively take to social media and contribute your thoughts, memories and photos about your experience of Southeast Asia and see them included in My Southeast Asia.

So come and join us in our endeavour to make sense of constant and tumultuous change as we balance our lives on their Fulcrums!