The Art of Disobedience

Venue: Digital

Date: Ongoing

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Monsoons Book Club presents The Art of Disobedience,  a virtual exhibition of photographic images of dissent, and artistic works of disobedience in Malaysia and Singapore spanning over 6 decades.

The iconic 1954 photograph is one such example, depicting  the defiance of the middle-school students in Singapore who protested against the colonial rulers conscription plan. Fast forward to 2015, what does the difference tell us about organised Disobedience?

The exhibition, curated by Monsoons Book Club, is an attempt to chronicle how different generations expressed their dissent, both individually and collectively.

As history is written by the victors, many of the historical images are long forgotten, lost, or destroyed.  This exhibition, which also cover the Malaysian Bersih 4 protests demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister, will serve as a contemporary record of Art of Disobedience for the digital age.

The exhibition consists of two parts. The first is an exploration of the life of Said Zahari through video and song and the second comprises two slideshows, one of some works of Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar, and another of images from anti-corruption demonstrations that took place in August 2015.

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