Islamic Cultural Centre Visit

Venue: Islamic Cultural Centre, 146 Park Road,NW8 7RG

Date: Tuesday 10th November

Time: 3pm-5pm

Tickets: £12

Mosque Tour

In conjunction with our South Indian tour which explores Hindu culture, we’re delighted to present a tour focussing on another major religious influence on Southeast Asai: Islam. Once again you can travel the world without leaving London by joining SharedCity’s visit to the Islamic Cultural Centre. Only £12 including tea/coffee and cake.

Mosque Tour 2

Tour also includes:

  • Welcome, introduction to the history of the mosque, architecture and community services.
  • Main prayer hall; discussions on design and space, what is different from other places of worship, significance of design features, prayer ritual and women’s prayer gallery.
  • Library; a look at the Quran, its features and structure.
  • Exhibition Islam; 5 pillars and 6 articles of faith, interfaith relationships, revelation, Islamic Golden Age, 3 holy sites of Islam, women in Islam
  • Q&A

Please go to to book. NB. Booking closes on Friday 6th November.

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