Festival Opening – My Tricksy Spirit Launch

Venue: The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, Camden, NW1 7NL

Date: 26 October

Time: 7pm

Tickets: £10 (buy here)

My Tricksy Spirit October 26th Forge 2

My Tricksy Spirit fuses the shimmering sounds of Balinese gamelan instruments called gendér wayang with dub, electronic, ambient, trip-hop, and psychedelic rock.

The evening will start with some ambient electronic music from band members, followed by some traditional Balinese pieces for gendér wayang, and finally the main set by My Tricksy Spirit.

This experimental project was started by Nick Gray who studied traditional gendér wayang for many years in Bali with I Wayan Loceng of Sukawati village.

My Tricksy Spirit’s music aims to build on the compositional style of gendér wayang, while finding new resonances with modes and timbres of contemporary music genres here in the UK. The band’s new album, produced by Rob Shipster, is out shortly.

Gendér wayang is the name given to a small duo or quartet of bronze metallophones, used in Bali to accompany the shadow play (wayang kulit), a sacred drama based on stories from ancient Indian epics. It also serves as a ritual ensemble playing for life-cycle ceremonies, temple festivals, purification rituals and cremations as part of Bali’s rich Hindu heritage. The playing technique in this miniature gamelan ensemble is very demanding, as players must damp the ringing notes with their wrists while executing high-speed figuration that interlocks between the instruments. Bamboo resonating tubes beneath the keys give the sound a unique resonance.

My Tricksy Spirit are:

Charlie Cawood (bass), Tomoya Forster (electronics) Paula Friar (gendér wayang) Nick Gray (gendér wayang, vocals, violin), Rachel Hewitt (gendér wayang), Rob Shipster (drums, electronics), Julian Vicary (keyboards).