Illegals: The Game Show

Venue: Waterloo East Theatre, Brad St, London SE1 8TN

Date: 17-21 November

Time: 7:30pm

Tickets: £12/£14 (buy here)

Illegals Poster

Divergent Theatre Collective, in conjunction with the SEA ARTSFEST 2015, present ILLEGALS: The Game Show A MIGRANT’S TALE.

Written by: Roman Pedro Berry & Eleanor Sy Templeman

Original Music: Rachel Hylton Smith

Lyrics: T. Michael Vest

November 17 – 21 Waterloo East Theatre

New page.
New land.
New life.
I can have good money.
I can send good money.
I can find good money.
No more dried fish….a migrant dreams!

Three travelers search for prosperity in the Kingdom.

A Domestic Worker proudly follows a dream, a Trafficked Sex Worker looks for love and a Flamboyant Freedom Seeker escapes an oppressed past. But life in the Kingdom is NOT what it seems.

Fusing text, poetry, original music and dance, their adventure unfolds through The Game Show! THREE players, ONE winner, YOU DECIDE!



Illegals: The Game Show was originally created and had its world premiere last June 2015 at Waterloo East Theatre. This current production is part of the SEA ARTSFEST 2015 Theatre program.

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“With song, dance and biting humor new show ‘Illegals: The Game Show’ is Big Brother as envisioned by UKIP. It’s emotional heart forces you to see the real people behind the headlines and puts their future in your hands.”
Sarah Horner/ Theatre Director/ Actor (London)

“…delightfully different! A showcase of the naive attitudes toward today’s immigration, presented in originality and a comedic light, making the heavy topic easily digestible, humorous, however remaining a thought-provoking experience.”

Samantha Lang/ Retail Store Manager/ Theatre Lover (London)








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