The Nang Yai Project

Venue: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, WC1 0XG

Date: 8 November

Time: 2pm-5pm

Nang Yai Project

Arts on Location’s creative director, Adjjima Na Patalung will give a presentation about “The Nang Yai Project” as part of the Trading of Traditions Programme at SEAARTS Fest 2015.

Since 2009 Arts on Location have been producing intercultural programmes through skill development theatre and dance workshops. Nang Yai Project is an Arts on Location’s initiative leading to a new creation. Funded by the Arts Council UK, the first stage of the project, “The Nang Yai Project R&D” took place last April. The research and development was an exploration of traditional Thai shadow puppetry, Nang Yai, in a contemporary context with an attempt to reinterpret its use and free it from its traditional conventions.

Taking the role of the director herself, Adjjima led an international team comprising a traditional Thai dancer, two contemporary dancers, a percussionist, a story teller, and a lighting designer. The team spent a week experimenting through modern approaches to discover the possibilities for NY to tell a new story. The project was realised in a work in progress, which was shared in front of an invited audience at Chisenhale Dance Space on 18th April, 2015

There will be a launch of the Nang Yai Porject R&D documentary with a talk by Adjjima about the process of the research and development, the discoveries of new materials and the concept of the piece. She will also talk about working with traditional Thai dance in a contemporary context and the traditional Nang Yai workshops, which were offered to the  general public as part of the project, and the collaboration with UK based traditional Thai dancers.

Adjjima will be joined by Teerachai Yaun Thobumrung, one of the two dancers to share his experience about the process. Yaun will give a demonstration of the movement research he discovered during this R&D. Yaun is a contemporary dancer originally from Thailand. He was trained at London Contemporary Dance School, and was first exposed to Traditional Thai dance during “The Nang Yai Project.”